Friday, May 10, 2019

Ari's Concert on Cape Heron

By Deaflegacy

Ari (Arisia Vita) started his concert half an hour early on May 8. He would have his concert on Cape Heron every Wednesday morning, starting at 10 am SLT and ending at 11 am SL time. Ari  is usually early. When he arrived, I was warming up his piano for him. Ari thanked me, and I  stood up so he can sit at his piano. From that moment on, beautiful music starts to flow from Ari's piano.

Even though there was only two people at the beginning, one by one, people started to stop by so they can listen to Ari's music. At one point, a song request was put in and be played that song request.

“It is always soft and warm, never bold, just like the maestro himself,” said Carle (carleonie).

Ari even has a quote for the article: “I play in the same spirit as Franz Liszt who, having graced the piano with some of the greatest music ever written, once said: 'Even if I might not create anything good or beautiful in all of my life, I will still feel a real and deep joy in tasting the beautiful and great work of others that I distinguish and admire.' - Franz Liszt”

Whenever Wednesday comes around, I would make an effort to go to his concert. I love Ari's music and I also know that he is a really good piano player. Although Ari  had never played a piano in real life, he would do a good job on Second Life. I give Ari him an A plus in efforts in bringing music to Second Life.

The landmark for Ari's concert is: 


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