Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Miss Globe Universal Pageant, An Interview With The Chairman

By Marcel Mosswood

A contest is currently being held to choose Miss Globe Universal who will represent women with all their beauty: looks beautiful, smart, and kind. Of course, this is not an easy process to choose candidates who deserve the title of Miss Globe Universal. A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview Rose Mikaelson (DjRoseAthena) as Founder / Chairman of Miss Globe Universal pageant. Here is the interview:

Rose Mikaelson, The Founder / Chairman of Miss Globe Universal Pageant
Marcel: Hi Rose, can you tell me what is the main mission of the Miss Globe Universal?

Rose Mikaelson: The mission and purpose of the Miss Globe Universal are to empower women from all over the world, build the confidence they need in order to do their absolute best and help further build careers that may be in the modeling world or outside of that. Miss Globe Universal challenges all women in every way and helps them discover new things during their journey's. The journey is long but it's only the beginning. We appreciate and value our contestants. We are also very excited to celebrate a milestone of five years now in Second Life.

Marcel: Wow, five years! So this is the fifth pageant. It seems like there is a lot of series of events starting from the registration to the election of the Miss Globe Universal, can you describe the timeline of the event?

Rose Mikaelson: The timeline of Miss Globe Universal begins during the planning process. I have five months to plan each new pageant from January to April. The pageants season begins in May and ends in August. It always begins with the application. We have an application because it is important to test the skills and gather the information we need about the applicants. After this comes the live auditions. This goes on for 2 months from May to June. The real work begins in July and ends in August with the spectacular finals. This becomes a five-month process.

Marcel: OK, so what assessment do you use in nominating Miss Globe Universal?

Rose Mikaelson: The assessment process is a long one. We have more judges this year than in previous years. Each section of the pageant has it's own voting process. I break it down to about 6 voting systems. There are also strict rules all judges must follow. I am very proud that my pageant is as fair and honest as they come. Anything else I can not reveal to the public. Some information is for judges or contestants eyes only.

Marcel: Do you have a vision of Miss Globe Universal who will be selected in this event?

Rose Mikaelson: I have zero knowledge of who wins it all in the end. From the very beginning of who enters, the auditions, the runway challenges, and anything else in between. All the voting is done by hired professionals that have been entrusted to due to the duty they agreed to with their best of their abilities.

Each person who is a contestant, judge, or a follower my pageant has their own idea or vision of who should win. The way I envision things throughout the entire season is very different but it should be since I own Miss Globe Universal. I also do not share that vision with anyone. In a way, it's like my own secret sauce. My thoughts, comments, vision or anything else I keep that to myself. It has worked just fine since 2014 and I plan on continuing my traditions.

Marcel: I’ve heard that you work alone in preparing for this event, it must be very tiring. Can you share with our readers about the quotes or motivational words that you use to motivate yourself?

Rose Mikaelson: This is true I do work alone. I have worked alone since December 2014 when I opened my pageant. To many people, yes it is tiring. Especially if they do not have the skill set or knowledge, for example, to do all this alone. I am the only Founder and Chairman that I know of in Second Life that holds a major pageant alone.

I love what I do with a passion and have never backed down no matter what I have been through over the years. Some of my closest friends tell me they could never do what I do and like to call me Superwoman.  What I have been through in my personal life or Second Life is my motivation as well as my music. However, if I were to select any special quotes it would be:

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney"

Want to know more about the Miss Globe Universal Pageant? Visit the website:

Marcel Mosswood.

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