Thursday, December 30, 2021

Interview With Sunnweaver Leader Rita Mariner

By Penny Shuftan

I was lucky enough to be able to get together with Rita Mariner, the leader of the Sunweaver community.  

My first question was if she owns Sunweaver and other lands. "I own 10 sims, four full, 6 homesteads," said Rita,  "About 10 years, I started out with Sunweaver Isle and expanded from there, as demand grew." According to Rita, the best thing about rental people would be people.

Rita not only has these sims, she also have two clubs; Club Cutlass, and Club Zero Gravity.  "I had them, when we lived in Pockwock," Rita replied, "on the mainland, just moved them, when he had the room here."  I also asked Rita what's the best part about owning the clubs.  She said, "The
people again, I don't run either club for profit. I Just wanted a fun place to hangout with friends."

Rita is also with the Relay For Life in Second Life.  "Yes, I've started with the Passionate Redheads, until they broke up," said Rita, "I then started the Sunbeamers, and been going with them, ever since. I created the team, so I am the boss bunny." The best part of working with the Sunbeamer team would be her team members, and thinking up crazy stuff to do each year with the teams and its members.

One game created for the Sunbeamers' Relay events is the Demolition Derby, which Shockwave created based on her idea.  "It has audience participation, they get to fire cannons at the drivers," said
Rita, after saying that they all have a blast there.

Rita's goal for 2022 is to keep in doing what she has been doing, running the Sunweavers and Sunbeamer team and enjoy the company of her friends while doing so, "It's fun to hangout with my friends, some of them I know in real-life," said Rita, "I used to attend furry conventions as an artist/dealer.  There would be Sunweavers there, we would all get together for dinner one night at the conventions."

Rita's original avatar was a rat, who she named after a female rat in "Flushed Away." She later settled on the Kani Bunny as her main avatar, although she has dozens topick from. 

As we ended the interview, Rita had one more thing to say, "I just follow The Golden Rule, treat others, as you wish to be treated." 

Rita is a hard worker, who cares a lot about the others in many ways.  She is very successful at running the sims, and the clubs.  As we ended the interviews, I did so with a smile because Rita is truly a remarkable person.


Editor's Note: Just after the interview, Rita gave her renters a month's free rent.

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