Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Interview With Nikkita Sugar Lefavre (Aubrytia Resident), Club Hostess

By Penny Shuftan/Deaflegacy

I was lucky to be able to meet Nikkita Sugar Lefavre (aubrytia), an amazing hostess.  I wanted to know how long she had been hosting and she told me that she had been hosting for about 15 years. I was also curious to know where she hosts.  "Well, (the) main club is The Happy Vixen. But, I do host anywhere Snowy Dj's," replied Nikkita.

The best part of hosting, according to Nikkita, is seeing people happy.  The most Nikkita likes about hosting is making people happy, and having a good time doing so.  I asked Nikkita if hosting would bring out the best from her.  "I believe so, I do try to do a good job," said NIkkita, smiling.

Nikkita's main focus is to making sure notices are ready to be sent, and answering any questions that patrons might have.  Her goals this year as a hostess are to make sure that she do a good job, and get the notices sent out in a timely manner.

I was wondering if Nikkita would agree me saying in this particular article that she is a very successful hostess.  "Yes, I would agree," answered Nikkita with a smile.

The next question was about her goals.  "Yes, thou there's been times I've doubted myself if I did or not but in the end, it all works out," replied Nikkita.

I assured her that I'm not going to ask her to say what her secrets are, but was wondering what her tips would be for anyone who wants to host a party.  "All I can say is do your best, be informative, but also punctuation and letter is important." Nikkita said.

We then talked about if Nikkita is happy with hosting.  "Yes, I am," replied Nikkita.  "I do enjoy being a hostess."

I was also wondering if Nikkita plan to hosting for a longer time.  "Yes, I do plan to do so," said Nikkita with a smile.  

My last question was her favorite part about hosting.  "I would have to say, my favorite part would be seeing the people having fun," replied Nikkita.

Here you have it, an interview with the most successful, and at the same time, the most amazing hostess ever.  I always look forward to any party with Nikkita, and Snowy because they always make the party fun.  

Penny Shuftan

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