Friday, March 25, 2022

Followup Interview With DJ Snowy

By Penny Shuftan

I met up with Snowy AngelBun Lefavre (skylark.lefavre) for the follow-up interview of another a few months ago.  My first question would be if she thinks that she's a successful DJ.  "Well Penny I still don't understand how or why I've been successful. I don't know why people think I am successful. Music is the only world I know and I just like to share my world with others. I guess the way I share it people like. I'm not even sure what it is I am doing right!" said Snowy.

My next question for Snowy is what her goals for this year as the DJ would be.  "Try other music genres make more awesome playlists learn to do more than I never done  before DJing," replied Snowy. "With Djing there is so much that can be done. ALways room for improvement. In the end like to get my own DJ mixing decks and a program called Tracktor and try to take DJing into real-life."

For now, Snowy DJs at White Saber Club, Happy Vixen, LiveWire, Club Zero G, Club Cutlass, and Bouncing Bunny Beach Club.

I was just wondering what Snowy's favorite part about being a DJ would be.  "Making people happy and see them enjoying something I do," answered Snowy.

When I asked Snowy if she's going to continue DJing for a long time, she replied, "I am going to try and DJ as long as I possibly can. I like to keep going till I leave this world."

Snowy had been Djing for several years.  "I have and my desire to keep learning to improve and get better never ends," she told me, "I like to try and top my best event as much as I can. I DJ with migraines, after an open back surgery, while being very sick. This is a passion that is stronger than anything else. This is my calling and what I want to do with my life both Real Life and Second Life. I don't do it for any reason except the joy it brings me and others. Five years I learned to do the impossible but there is so much more potential still waiting."

I asked Snowy if I could add to the article about how Snowy had been helping a lot of people out. "But of course,"  replied Snowy, "having conditions of my own and knowing the hardships that follow them I help others whose lives uses them for kickboxing. I do more than DJ! (smile) I love helping those that have a bad day, year, or life or just don't get a fair shake from others."

The interview ended then, but I just ended the interview knowing that Snowy is a good DJ, and a good person at heart.  I recommend anyone to stop by one of the clubs that Snowy is DJing at to give her music a try.  Her music rocks.

Editor's note: Due to real life, Penny will be taking what she hopes will be a short break from writing articles. In case it isn't, she wanted to interview DJ Snowy one more time.

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