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Interview with Goddess (ShandyLand Resident)

By Bixyl Shuftan
Goddess (ShandyLand Resident) is a builder whom has made both locations and numerous items for sale, and the owner of Goddess Creations. She's also the owner of Familiar Felines, and the new Club Go. I recently met up with her for an interview.

I dropped by just outside her club in her Lover's Beach sim. After some friendly greetings, I asked, "How did you find out about Second Life?" Goddess answered, "I was a home health aide in realife, my client's daughter (hee-hee). She showed me the place and I was mesmerized (smile). This was seven years ago. I found out few years after my health was bad, (and) took me from real-life work, and I was always a hard worker. So Second Life was my way to work and be creative, and escape real-life pain (smile)."

I then asked, "How did your first days go, and how did Second Life become your way to be creative?"
She answered, "(My) first days were easy for me really as I had help (smile). Someone could show me stuff (in) real life. I felt welcomed though for sure.  I realized after (my) health problems and not working (in) real life I could not afford to pay for things I wanted here anymore (laughter). So I started creating gachas and stuff to pay for all the fun shopping I love to do here hahaha (big grin). I am an artist (in real life, so was also a way to get away from the bad stuffs the real-life pain and things were bringing (smile), an outlet. I met great friends here too that have helped me through a lot (smile)."
I then asked about her more successful gachas, "And interesting about being an artist, what do you create in real life?" Goddess answered, "Oh my High Times and Pot Spot by far hahaha pot heads unite!" She chuckled, "I draw, paint, sculpt among others things I like to dabble in anything creative really (smile). Creating places here too is one of my fave things here to do (smile)." 

I then asked, "Nice, I take it this club is among your creations?" She smiled, "Yes. I put this whole sim together. I did not create all (of) the stuff, just put together (smile)."

My next question was related to her being a club owner, "So how did you get into music?" Goddess answered, "I have always been a lover of music (smile). I grew up (in) real life around rock, Dad was a biker Mom was a Hippie (smile), hehehe. So (I) grew up around great rock and disco music, fell in love as well with oldies (smile). Music is a life form and very essential to my being (smile). I love a lot of types of music, (and) open to a lot of new stuff too and always willing to hear something out (smile).  I wanted clubs here in Second Life as I seen how fun (it) was to bring friends together and share that passion of music (smile). Music is always fun to bond over (big grin)."

I then asked, "Which DJs do you get along with best?" She answered, "Well my best friend is a DJ here, so that's a given (laughter), Dj Nafrini. She also DJs for Deathlands (smile)." I asked, "Did you ever give DJing a try yourself?" She gave a big grin, "I am in the process of getting ready to do so. I am excited about it (smile)." So I asked, "When might your first events be?" Goddess answered, "Not too sure on that yet have lots going on," she laughed, "but I am really hoping to be up and running before Halloween (smile)."

"Before I go further," I then brought up, "what inspired your current look?" She answered, "I seen this outfit on Marketplace (smile). That's it (laughter). I said 'that's cute' and thought (I) need pigtails (smile),  sneakers and done (big grin)." I then mentioned her rings and jewelry, such as her necklace with "Bestie" on it. Goddess answered, "I love jewelry (smile), and yep it my half of me and Nafrinis 'Best Friends Forever' necklaces (big grin), We are real deal besties (laughter)."

I then brought up the Deathlands and Rebel Wolf. Goddess smiled, "I love him and Deathlands (big grin) heehee. Truly though, Rebel Wolf is a true friend and genuine guy.  Deathlands is amazing and the work done there is truly impressive.  I work with Rebel to help bring people there too as I myself am a Deathlander (smile). We are family."
She went on, "I am working on a Deathlands-inspired gacha that will even have the SL Newser be present." I asked about it, and she offered so show me. We walked a short distance to an open area. Then she rezzed a section of old brick wall with the "rad" symbol seen often at the Deadlands painted on. There was also grafitti painted on it, such as "Baron Wolf was here - Aroooooooo!" And on one side, Goddess had put "Bixyl was here." She grinned, "Look Bixyl, you were here." There was also some newspaper on the ground, one piece with a very familiar title. She told me it wasn't finished, "(It) will have animations, (and) other items like this to complete a gacha set. (It) will be an an event on opening. Very excited to do it. Half (of) all sales go to Wolf too. Family sticks together (smile). It will be a fun gacha." Although called a gacha, her items are sold in a way to get around the "Gacha Ban" by Linden Lab a year ago.

She then offered to show me around, "Of course this is club GO (smile). We have skate rink and game room here, 80's inspired." We went through some underground rooms with a Fantasy-themed look to them with the carved stone, and then into an underground club, also Fantasy themed, "This is GO Enchanted, (smile) club for more meditative and odd music (laughter). Over there is Nuvo's cave (smile). He is a real-life musician from Australia, play's here (smile)."

Goddess called GO Enchanted, "Our cave tavern (smile)." I asked what that meant, and she smiled, "We will have open mic nights and live poetry reads. Hahaha yes!"

She then took me through a shopping area, with numerous small stores. "Goddess Gacha Garden," she told me it was called, "has been resell place (for) over three years (smile). Many looks and locations through (the) years (laughter), always small."

I asked her how the Gacha Ban by the Lab a year ago affected her sales. "Very bad," Goddess told me, "My sales are half what they were."
Going to one of the larger stores, we were greeted by a message, "Welcome to Familiar Felines, a magical place to buy and sell KittyCatS Breedables." She told me, "You can get to my store through the teleport over there and will be others as well coming soon (smile)."
We moved on, and eventually into an opening in the ground, going down some stairs, "Down here is Squirrel's Cave," she smiled, "will be belly dance events here." She then pointed to a fountain and smiled, "This fountain I made, one of (my) new items." We walked over an area using a bridge, which had two of what looked like magic portals, "Ports down there will work soon," she smiled then gave a big grin, "I am working on a VIP bunker."

She then showed me another large store, which was where she sold her own items, "Gachas," she smiled, "I have one not out yet (laughter), will show you one think you might like for x-mas (laughter), is fox set (big grin)." I asked about it, and she TPed me to a secret spot on her sim whose location will not be revealed. There was a Christmas tree, and a full set of fox items, from a fox painting to a fox carpet, a plush fox doll, a fox lying on a cushion, and more. 

"That's all my stuffs for now," Goddess smiled, "(I) will have my dragon store and vip coming soon." I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to mention. She told me, "We have really one mission here and that is to spread love and kindness (smile). All are welcome here, no dress code no judgment (smile). Only children are not aloud in clubs; all else welcome with open arms (smile)."
After a little more chat, we had to go our separate ways. 

Goddess' Club GO is at Lovers Beach (6/40/2004). Goddess Creations is at Lovers Beach (152/187/21). The Gacha Garden is at Lovers Beach (163/131/2002).

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Very nice article Bix! And Goddess's sim is very nice! Lots to see. Do check out her music/dance schedule at the clubs! Why wait? GO now!