Friday, August 26, 2022

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: UFO Sighting

By Bixyl Shuftan

Chats in the Bellisseria group are often interesting. You might hear a joke from a Linden or Mole. You might hear some useful information, especially if you're after a Linden home. Often, there's a lot of joking around. Like on the afternoon of Thursday August 25 when one resident reported a spacecraft sighting, with photo evidence. 
[17:55] Teresa Firelight: I was standing on the deck of my stilt home when this thing suddenly appeared 10 M above me... not sure... think this is a bit too invasive into my space?  (image above)
[17:55] Marius Darkheart: aliens are here
[17:55] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): shoot it down
[17:55] AlexBrandon Resident: if its above your parcel ...yes
[17:56] AlexBrandon Resident: unless someone is building and had to move something
It had been hanging around for a few minutes

[17:56] Teresa Firelight: yea.. still there several minutes later.. here is view form another angle:? 
[17:56] Trish Philbin: YIKES !
[17:56] Marius Darkheart: Definitely aliens
[17:56] Teresa Firelight: there is a rez zone  next to my place.. pretty sure it is there cuz of rez zone, but would be nice if they moved on
[17:57] AlexBrandon Resident: definatly against the rules if it stays there
[17:57] Snowlord Resident: for sure it's pretty big. maybe they are trying to fly
[17:57] Trish Philbin: can you click on it and see if it has an owner name on it?
[17:57] Teresa Firelight: now it has lowered to my deck level and is smashing through my house.. maybe they are having trouble steering it?
[17:57] Marius Darkheart: Set phasers to stun.
Talk soon turned to just what this thing was.

[17:57] Snowlord Resident: it looks like a void ship, and if so, it's massive and meant more for a region. is someone there?
[17:57] AlexBrandon Resident: that's circa 2004 ...
[17:58] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): yes sometimes vehicles are bigger than the rezzone, but that thing is huge ... He ll most likely loose it on some full parcel on his trip
[17:58] AlexBrandon Resident: Just yell about how bad the build is
[17:58] Snowlord Resident: oh yes, could have lost part for sure
[17:58]   ͞C:ノフCtrlFaultyDelete ͞   (TonyBowlin Resident): Sadly switches phaser back from kill...
[17:58] Marius Darkheart: 2004 called and they want their UFO back
[17:58] Snowlord Resident: it's an amazing build if it's what I think it is. But yes its a bit much there
[17:58] AlexBrandon Resident: Just make sure its not Torley Linden driving it
[17:59] AlexBrandon Resident: Opppsss did I say that ?
[17:59] Marius Darkheart: lol
[17:59] Trish Philbin: lol
[17:59] Mel (MelpomeneThalia Atheria): It looks like a giant bot fly to me
[17:59] Snowlord Resident: i'd say IM the owner and see if they lost part of it

And then, just as soon as it appeared, it vanished.
[17:59] Teresa Firelight: wow that was a close encounter of the undesirable dimensio,. finally gone ... but pilot fying back to rez zone
[18:00] AlexBrandon Resident: lol
[18:00]   ͞C:ノフCtrlFaultyDelete ͞   (TonyBowlin Resident): Its just a d*ldo from one of those kinky vore sims.
[18:00] Snowlord Resident: is it by void Teresa? just curious
[18:00] AlexBrandon Resident: lol
[18:01] Atheas Zenovka: I think it's the Vogons mapping out the new expressway
[18:01] Teresa Firelight: Yes snow it is
[18:01]   ͞C:ノフCtrlFaultyDelete ͞   (TonyBowlin Resident): Run
[18:02] Teresa Firelight: There is a rez zone on the side of my house then a void
[18:02] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): towels...I sell need a towel
[18:02] Teresa Firelight: lol
[18:03] Snowlord Resident: ah okay. yes that ship is massive!!
[18:03] Teresa Firelight: looks like they finally decided to try and rez it somewhere else
[18:03] Snowlord Resident:
[18:04] Snowlord Resident: it's literally meant for a full region lol
[18:04] Teresa Firelight: yea it looked some thing like that
[18:04] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): more of a art thing also
[18:05] Teresa Firelight: I think they were intending to fly it over the ocean regions
[18:05] Snowlord Resident: it's too big to be a daily traveler for sure. but i love voids creations. they are amazing!!
[18:05] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): looks smaller than Spykers ships tough
[18:05] Snowlord Resident: just unboxing one of their items is an experience in itself
[18:07] POMF (Denise Foxtrot):
[18:07] Snowlord Resident: omg I tried to cam out on the youtube
[18:08] Snowlord Resident: that looks pretty nifty so far!!
[18:09] Marius Darkheart: Yeah.. wow.
[18:09] POMF (Denise Foxtrot): that one I linked is pre mesh and simsized ...but can flay and cross sims lol

Chat soon changed to other subjects. But no doubt this close encounter will be remembered for a while.

And if anyone asks, no, there was no sighting of Elvis (or Ray Stevens) in the area.

Image from Teresa Firelight

Bixyl Shuftan

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