Monday, February 25, 2013

Interview With Wrestler Honey Bluntz

By Charlotte Williams

In the latest of her Second Life wrestling interviews, Charlotte Williams interviews Honey Bluntz.

Charlotte Williams: So for starters, who is Honey Bluntz? Tell us about her, where she came from etc

Honey Bluntz: "This is an easy one. Everyone knows by now, and if you don't.. SURPRISE!!! That I'm an alt of Vendetta   The idea of the Honey Bluntz character came from a few different inspirations. She is more or less a mix of Real Life Wrestlers Daizee Haze, Sexy Star with the wrestling style of Ruckus. Although I have added quite a few things to her to make her different and unique."

Charlotte Williams:
"What would be those things?

Honey Bluntz: "Mostly in style and personality. I consider myself a 'Grounded High Flyer.' Just meaning that most of my aerial manouvers are done from a grounded position. Lots of rolls and cartwheels and flips, like a mix of Capeoira and gymnastics with a lot of wrestling fundamentals.

Charlotte Williams: (smiles) "Sounds like a very exciting and electrifying thing to watch!"
Honey Bluntz: "Thank you! I try to put on a good show for everyone."

Charlotte Williams: (nods) "You're welcome, and having been to a fair few HAWX shows, I must say that I agree!"

"Something you touched on, uniqueness in SL wrestling, do you believe its at all possible?"
Honey Bluntz: "Oh Most definitely. I mean like every "gimmick" imaginable has been done in one way or another, but its the finding a way to do it that makes it your own, so when people see it with someone else they think of YOU instantly. At least that is the goal most of us try to accomplish."

Charlotte Williams: (smiles) "And in the world of SL wrestling, who do you think actually pulls that off, being unique, and how do they do it? And feel free to name as many names as you like."

Honey Bluntz: "I could name probably 50 people who do it and do it quite well on here but I'll just give you a couple names off the top of my head. Derrick Cult comes instantly to mind. His gimmick overall is very much like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Texas... Roughneck. But that is about where the similarities end. Stone Cold was was always a Heel type character in the way he acted but yet was always a 'face' to the fans. Derrick has been even better as a heel then as a face, and people hate his character but love him out of character. Then there is people like Jenn Parkin and Vendetta who both are very much like MsChif and Daffney in the way they go about it, yet both are completely different from each other. You'd never mix up one for the other. Jenn is more Grungy Punk where Ven is more Flashy Punk."
Charlotte Williams: (nods) "You know I think I have only seen Derrick wrestle once? Although he has been a fixture at many of the shows, supporting his peers with his 'Big Baby' phrase!" (You'll need to meet Derrick to know what I am talking about!)
"Vendetta being your alt of course?"
Honey Bluntz: "Yes, well, me being Her Alt"

Charlotte Williams: (laughs) "Well all these alts gets confusing sometimes!"

Honey Bluntz: (laughs) "Yeah I just use them as different characters... just like if would play on SVR or whatever.... Its fun playing different characters"
Charlotte Williams: (nods) "I completely understand, that is the beauty of SL!"

Honey Bluntz: (nods) "Something that would be hard to accomplish in real life"

Charlotte Williams: "Now there has been some debate in regards to RL wrestlers being SL wrestlers and what they bring to the community. There are only a few of you, so from your background, what do you believe you have brought to the SL wrestling community from your RL wrestling?"

Honey Bluntz: "Well wrestling skill, and by that I mean that actual doing of the moves themselves, you can toss right out the window here. I can do probably do 400 more things on here that I could never do real life, and probably vice versa as well. For me what it comes down to is love of the show. My real life experience has showed me how stuff works backstage and like how to make the matches help tell your overall story. A lot of people don't even need the real life background to that. But it does help make it easier, especially when running a Fed of your own."
Charlotte Williams: "Speaking of running a fed, how did the creation of HAWX come about? Obviously it is unique being the only female wrestling fed on the grid. Was it a case of supply and demand?"
Honey Bluntz: "Well it started out as something I've wanted to do in SL since I first came here. But when I first came here, I couldn't find wresting at all other then the poseballs so I kinda got away from that and went and did my own thing for over a year. Then I found the ACPWS system for wrestlling which led to me meeting Jenn which led to me Joining HKWF, which then merged with XWA then finally became VWE. HAWX or HAW (Hot A*s Wrestling) as it was known back then was an attempt to mix the poseball with the ACPWS. It didn't really work out too well though and me and my then partner, Carol, split up, her doing the poseball route and me focusing in the ACPWS route. After a couple months in the then XWA, I wanted to try it again now that I knew a little something about the SL version of Wrestling and I figured, why not make an all girls fed, since at the time, the girls were looked at more as the "sideshow" then the main show. Then it just juggernauted from there."
"So how long ago was it that HAWX was first created?"
Honey Bluntz: "Our first show was Jan. 9th, 2010 so just over 3 full years now."

Charlotte Williams: (smiles) "Wow, that IS a long time in SL, and SL wrestling, thats for sure!"

Honey Bluntz: "We decided to do something kinda unprecedented at the time and that was to have our first show be a FPV."
Charlotte Williams: "In terms of SL wrestling, is there anything that you haven't done, that you'd like to do?"
Honey Bluntz: "Hmmmm, that is a toughy! After being here close to 4 years total there is not too much I have'nt done, but there are ALOT of people I'd love to work with!"

Charlotte Williams: (looks at you seriously) "Go on, name some names! They may be reading this!"

Honey Bluntz: (smiles) "Storyline-wise I'd love to work with Lily and Isabelle Martinez, Horses Morrisey, Maxine, Lee as well as a lot of the up and comers like Rosalind, Ms A. Rae, and others."

Charlotte Williams:  (smiles) "Quite a varied bunch there. What about the guys? If you had an intergender match, who would you like to face?"
Honey Bluntz: "Oh wow! that list is probably even longer. Storylines would have to be a little different though than actually wrestling against them directly. Not that us girls can't keep up, But intergender storylines that involve wrestling can be a slippery slope. But I'd love to work with Curt Bombastic, Derrick Cult, Derrick Zane, Acheron Nightfire, Bryce Ketterley, Drewski Hoxley, and the list goes on and on!"
Charlotte Williams: (laughs)
"That is also quite a varied bunch of wrestlers. Maybe one day we'll see one of those up against you!"

Honey Bluntz: "In a single match that has little or no storyline bearing then Inter-gender matches are defiantly warranted! But its hard to do a direct wrestling related storyline between a guy and a girl cause no matter what happens the guy comes out looking bad in the end. If he "wins" the storyline, no one is shocked that a 300+ lb guy beat a 150- lb girl. He comes off as a bully. But if the girl wins the storyline, the guy comes off as looking weak in the future cause when he faces someone for a big title belt all people will think about is how he couldn't even beat a girl, how is he to stand a chance against the champ??!"

Charlotte Williams: (laughs) "Yes that is very true. However, you'd think that in this day and age, and given that some of the RL wrestlers have done it, there is not such a stigma attached to a male wrestler being beaten by a female wrestler. However, it may be something that will require a lot of thought behind it, and quite a storyline!"

Honey Bluntz: "Well  a lot of it depends on the female wrestler as well. If ya have someone like Chyna or like Awesome Kong aka Karma, then yeah. But putting someone like Brock Lesnar against like Eve.... no one in their right might would possibly believe it That being said there are tons of not directly wrestling storylines that could definitly be told between a guy and a girl."

Charlotte Williams: (nods) "It was like you said earlier, so many times the girls are just used as ornaments to show up and flash their goodies for the males to ogle at, and then they can go"

Honey Bluntz: "I agree and I think a girl winning over a guy is more then possible, especially in this day and age. But doing a storyline with them would be a lot harder to sell. Not saying it couldn't be done if done right though! Like the tag belts at VWE... JHG had them, we did a nice little run with them as well and faced quite a few guy opponents and even had a lead-in storyline that went into the FPV"

Charlotte Williams: (smiles and nods) "Is there a storyline you'd like to see, involving any wrestlers, or one that is currently going on that you are particularly enjoying?"
Honey Bluntz: "I Like Derrick Cults current storyline with Rubie as his manager a lot. But this is the time of year just after most feds have just had their major FPVs so most of them are just starting out. We'll just have to wait and see what the next cycle brings. But as far as ones I'd love to see, I'd love to see some inter fed storylines take place. Would love to see like Benja against like Voodoo for one."

Charlotte Williams: "I do know that you are someone that doesn't like to get involved in the 'drama' in the SL wrestling community, however, given that it has been a bit of a fresh topic of late with feds closing, people resigning, what is your take on it? Do you think the community can survive and grow stronger?"
Honey Bluntz: "It is just like real life wrestling in that respect. Feds feuding and getting along, People getting fired from one play and start wrestling at another. Just a natural part of the 'Business.' Drama was always been a part of wrestling and always will be. Both on "stage" and behind the scenes.

Charlotte Williams: (nods) "Thats a good answer, I like it."

Honey Bluntz:  But f everyone got along nicely, it would be boring to be quite honest. The tention is good for wrestling to a certain degree *Winks and Giggles*

Charlotte Williams:  "I think its hard for everyone to get along, we are all different personalities coming together in really a small place. Like you said, it would be boring."

Honey Bluntz:  Yup! Just gotta walk that fine line of too much or not enough *Smiles*
Charlotte Williams:  Speaking of too much or not enough, obviously one can't spend ALL their time wrestling or being involved in wrestling, so what do you like to do in your down-time? A little birdy told me you have an interest in some kind of memorabilia, is that true?
Honey Bluntz: "I do love World War 2 Aviation. That is one thing I've always loved on SL especially. To tell you the truth other then the planes themselves, I really didn't know much at all about WW2 til I joined the Flying Tigers. Now I could probably debate any historian on the subject!," Honey Bluntz laughs. "But besides that I love to do a lot of things. Roleplaying is always fun. Pirate ship battles I've come to love even more then plane ones."

Charlotte Williams: "Have you debated Derrick Zane? I'm sure he'd be a worthy candidate!"
Honey Bluntz: "That actually brings up a funny story that ties in WW2 and wrestling...."

Charlotte Williams: "Oh do tell..."

Honey Bluntz: "It was actually Derrick's initial idea to not tell anyone but have like a storyline that involves several wrestlers that actually takes you through WW2.  Like have the German guy attack the Polish guy and the British guy start a feud with him. Then the "All American" guy, doesn't want to get involved till the German guy's side-kick, a Japanese guy, sneak attacks the American guy. Of course the Russian guy comes in at some point but the American guy makes an uneasy alignment with him to bring down the German Guy. Then afterwards have the American guy and Russian guy feud. We actually went really deeply into it involving other countries and the parts they'd play in it."

Charlotte Williams: "Wow, that sounds fantastic. And did it actually happen at a show?"

Honey Bluntz: "Be an interesting History lesson to say the least. No it never came into being. But how awesome would that have been?"

Charlotte Williams: "It sounds amazing, its a shame that it didn't eventuate. Maybe one day..?"

Honey Bluntz: "Yeah who knows? It could definitely happen!"

Charlotte Williams: "You mentioned before about being interested in various RPs when you aren't wrestling, a lot of wrestlers seem to also be into RP, do you think that it helps with character and storyline development?"

Honey Bluntz: "Definitely!! At least up to a point. They are both really about the same thing, telling a story as you go along and not knowing the ending until you get there. RP, Wrestling, Acting, all the same thing really, just with different vehicles to present it."

Charlotte Williams: "Yes, as the saying goes, 'All the world's a stage, all all the men and women merely players', or in this case, wrestlers"

Honey Bluntz: "Exactly"

Charlotte Williams: "Thank you for your time today Honey, is there anything else you would like to tell the readers of SL Newser about yourself or SL Wrestling?

Honey Bluntz: "Just that I'm always up to have fun on here. If its not fun to do you need to find something else to do that is fun for you and not try to bring anyone down!"

Charlotte Williams: (smile) "Awesome, awesome attitude Honey"

"What are the days and times our readers can catch you in action here at HAWX?"

"HAWX Scorn is Sundays at 2PM SLT and Indulgence is Thursdays at 6PM SLT! But visit all the feds if you can and help support us all!! There are group notifiers located at most of the feds around SL in which you can get a list of showtimes and be notified when they are coming up without taking up a bunch of group spaces!"

Charlotte Williams: (smile) "Thanks again Honey, that is excellent. Plenty of shows on the grid, but only at HAWX will you catch only the ladies in action!"

Honey Bluntz: (smile) "You're most welcome! You are a delightful interviewer!"
Charlotte Williams

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