Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Steelhead Salmons' Kickoff Party

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Sunday March the 10th, the Steelhead Salmons held their kickoff event for the 2013 Relay for Life season. From about 1 PM SL time to about 9PM, DJs spun their tunes at the steampunk community's Club Gearz.

Join Steelhead for their RFL Kickoff Event, with music and assorted fun, including 'The Hair.' … Also a Jail and Bail scattered through the afternoon (No, Trader is busy today, please no more IMs asking me to arrest him). Hope you can join us.

Filling in for Aryon Dagger, Fuzzball Ortega DJed from 1 to 3 PM. From 3 to 5PM. the latex-clad Madonna Daehile had her turn with the tunage. At 5PM, Vic Morrington played the music. Earlier in the event, Fuzzball was in the cage for the Jail n' Bail. While Vic played, it was Gem Sunkiller who was under arrest. She danced in the cage, wearing a sizable purple wig and a "100 Years of Hope" T-shirt. People dropped in amounts at the Steelhead vendor until 5000 Lindens had been raised. She was finally free to go.

At 7PM. Fuzzball took over the stream once again, also broadcasting on Krypton Radio. He stool in the corner, sporting "The Hair." For those not in the know, Fuzzball bet in the 2011 season that if the Steelhead Salmons went Platinum, he'd "wear the wackiest, wildest, hair around. Well, here it is." Since then, "The Hair" has continued to be a source of humor and pride for the Salmons. Problem is, it blocks his view of movement. When moving around, he usually has to put away the enormous headpiece so huge, it's weight is supported by propellers. Fuzzball stood next to a sign that some Relayer had done a few weeks ago, and somehow became popular among his fans, "Blame Fuzz and Go Relay." While he sometimes pretends to be mad about it, like other good-natured ribbings that his fellow Relayers have given him, he took it in stride.

The crowd at Club Gearz was a mixed one. Some were Steelhead residents. Others were noted Relayers from outside the steampunk community. And some were simply friends of both whom were not part of any Relay team. Someone showed up in an anthro skunk avatar, a reference to "Stinky the Skunk," the character who show's up on a Relay team's page when someone donates at ACS  Island to "skunk" the team. As it turned out, the day after the event someone *did* pay to have the Steelhead Salmons skunked, probably the first team to have been. There was no clue as whom gave the Steelheads this dubious honor.

More than 10,000 Lindens were raised during the Kickoff event, bringing the total raised by the Steelheads to over 20,000 Lindens. As of now, the Steelhead Salmons have raised about 29,500 L in Second Life, and 15,000 L outside the Grid, for a total of 44,500 Lindens. Almost half the amount needed for Silver rank. For this steampunk team of the Relay For Life in Second Life, it was a good beginning.

Bixyl Shuftan

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