Saturday, August 3, 2013

Steelhead's Mayoral Elections: Willow Leafstorm

In The Steelhead Community these days, the big event is the campaign for the job of mayor. Three candidates are competing for the job. They are incumbent TotalLunar Eclipse and two challengers, Willow Leafstorm (Zoelass Resident), and Jobias Barthelmess. I recently had a chance to talk with Willow about the elections.

"I'm hoping the elections will be interesting and turn out lots of people to vote," Willow told me just after meeting up with her. Talking about how the campaign got started, it went back to June 23rd when Lunar and one of the youngsters, Jimmy Branagh both entered the Sumo wrestling matches. Lunar made a bet he couldn't lose, saying if Jimmy won he'd be mayor for a week. And as it turned out the scrappy street urchin beat him.

As luck would have it, it wasn't just as simple as making Jimmy honorary mayor for a week. Willow explained, "Through some technicality in the Steelhead bylaws, Lunar would have to be re-elected to his position of Mayor in order to be re-seated as Mayor. Of course this meant that there would have to be elections. At first everyone thought it was just going to be nominations, but then there was an application process. The Baron (Klaus Wulfenbach) had expressed interest in running, but had missed the application deadline. … some people weren't willing to run in the first place. Then we discovered that this Jobias Barthelmess had applied."

As for the third candidate Jobias, Willow described him as a classic mouthstached black-hatted villain, "He is a scoundrel and rogue … he couldn't even come to the meeting when they announced the candidates. Truly bad form." Of his plans, "He is determined to destroy the trees in St. Helens and set up factories and Strip mine Boomtown. Then he wants to 'rid Steelhead of all undesirables and only allow the right people to live in Steelhead.' I take it to mean from his statements that includes all non-humans including fae. I can not let him do that."

Willow had more reasons to run besides the man in the black hat, "I just want to help out my community. Not just the fae that live here, but Nevermoor as well. We have not been represented in the Steelhead council. There are a number of Steelhead Ambassadors, but as far as I can tell none from Nevermoor. We are a newer region in Steelhead with a newer population. Many of, if not all, of the Ambassadors are ones that have been here for at least 5 or more years."

And what would Willow's goals be as mayor? "First would be to make sure each region would be represented with councilors. Next, organize the community to help promote Steelhead to bring people in to Steelhead and have volunteer greeters. There are also empty lots in Steelhead city, I think we need to put something in them until they can be rented like park space or structures. Nobody, explores empty lots. Plus, we need more landscaping in the city. Toss in a few trees and add some flower beds. Things that will attract people to our town and want to move here."

"Finally," the challenger stated, "I noticed as I fly around there is a lot of prim trash out there. We need to clear the skies of the debris. … I was going to fly home from an event a few weeks ago and I took a leap from the platform where the dance was held and nearly smacked myself on a piece of floating prim. These things get away from people as they build and just hang around in the air. That stuff just collects after a number of years." She wondered if while building, some things just floated away from some building sites when the builder's attention was occupied, "Then there are things that former residents leave up there. Half completed projects and skyboxes."

Of the upcoming debates, Willow spoke, "I still have to polish up my statements. It would be nice to know in advance what the questions asked would be." The fae then grinned, "Jobless Bathtubmess doesn't have a chance." I asked if she expected turnout to be heavy, "It's hard to say, it depends if the rest of the community is going to sit up and take notice. I have been getting my voter base motivated to vote." Asking her who she thought her voting base was, her first response was the residents of Nevermoor, then she added, "any other non-humans who don't want to see Barthelmess win. As I told Lunar at last Tuesday's meeting, May the best fae win."

Our time soon came to a close. I asked Willow what else she had to say. She concluded, "Just that being mayor and also responsible for building and maintaining a town like Steelhead is a big job for just one person to handle. And of Course Vote Willow Leafstorm for Mayor."

We then parted ways. We would meet again a couple days later on Friday August 2nd for the debates. The election itself takes place on Tuesday August 6th, will ballots able to be turned in until Friday August 9th. The winner of the mayoral race will be announced on Tues Aug 13th.

Bixyl Shuftan

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