Thursday, September 26, 2013

In Memory of Eilis Pessoa

By Gemma Cleanslate
Life and loss  in Second Life.  I have experienced life in SL that is so real it takes precedence over real life at times, and have met so many people I am glad to call friends  Once upon a time, six years ago, I met a new  avatar that was so sweet and for a bit quiet and shy. .Her name was Eilis Pessoa. I took her shopping for freebies and we became friends. She was tuga, which means Portuguese from Portugal. Her friend, Mustapha, and my friend, now partner, Qwark  formed a an entertainment company in SL with both of us as managers. Both Qwark and Mustapha were djs and streamed at various clubs and Eilis and I were hosts. It was great fun but busy for all of us.
We met friends from various places and kept together in some ways, but also  drifted apart in the places we frequented and the people we became involved with.  But we kept in touch and stayed best friends through  many experiences for a long time.  
All  of a sudden a horrible thing. Eilis was seriously ill.  We supported her through the first sessions of chemotherapy. It was not easy for any of her friends. She was so lost in her pain and agony she wanted to quit it all and took time off. Slowly she reappeared to both her lives. There were changes but happiness to see her back .She had a whole family and a multitude of friends and admirers in SL so glad to see her.

After some months, sad news came once again. Her body was not well again, and so began the saddest part.  Second Life became too much and Facebook became too much, and we all suffered from lack of contact. Her SL partner suffered so much  during this time. Asking was so hard. Finally the word came. 
Eilis was gone. 
Her SL partner set up a lovely memorial for her inworld. He also was able to attend her funeral in real life. The first time I went to her memorial here at least 50 -70 friends that came and went. Since then I have gone every day at least once and there is always someone there. I want to stand by my friend Eilis as long as I can. It is consoling too know that there are more then one life where one can remember someone you have known and loved. 
R.I.P. Eilis Pessoa from all of your SL family and friends.

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