Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview with Hope Dreamscape and Kammie of The Full Circle Club

By Wesley Regenbogen

Earlier this month, the Full Circle Club hosted one of the last events of the Relay for Life's fundraising season, which officially closes this Sunday August 24. 

Wesley Regenbogen: Hi Kammie and Hope.
  σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Hi there.
Kammie (kamaniya): Hello.
Wesley Regenbogen: So, you are hosting an event today for the Relay For Life in your club called The Full Circle Club. How did you decide to host this event ?
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Well, see, the other owner as well as I have cancer and we truly believe in this event. And I have been battling it for five years.
Kammie (kamaniya): I have family that has had cancer as well.
Wesley Regenbogen: Ah, that's sad to hear. So, it's a personal thing to host this event here in your club in Second Life. Have you raised much by hosting this event yet ?

Kammie (kamaniya): So far (with) our other owner, who is afk at the momen.t we have raised a total of 234,696 L$ so far.
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): And after today we are hoping for the Gold.
Wesley Regenbogen: Linden dollars, right?
Kammie (kamaniya): Yes.
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Yes.
Wesley Regenbogen: Is the ammount given to the Relay For Life directly?
Kammie (kamaniya): Yes
  σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Yes
Wesley Regenbogen: That's quite a lot for an single event. What other things have you done for the Relay For Life?
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): We have had bands play here.
Wesley Regenbogen: Which bands have played here so far?
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Oh, that is not for a single event.
Kammie (kamaniya): It's not for a single event, sorry. We just started this event.  We had other events at a previous club we worked for.
Wesley Regenbogen: Ah, okay.
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Yes and the dj put some of their tips in there.
Kammie (kamaniya): We just had our grand opening for club last night, and this is the first Relay For Life event for us.
Wesley Regenbogen: That's cool. Are there other events during the next days in the club?
Kammie (kamaniya): Yes till the end of August.
Wesley Regenbogen: Cool, so the club has just opened and you host an event, that's nice. Who created this club?
Kammie (kamaniya): We all did together.
Wesley Regenbogen: cool. This club is nicely decorated. I must admit this is a nice club to visit, it's the first time I've visited it.
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Thank you so much, we have worked very hard. Please tell all your friends.
Wesley Regenbogen: I will soon. Just one more question. You mentioned there are other events for the Relay For Life in this club. Can you tell me what events are on the calendar?

Kammie (kamaniya): We leave that to our other owner, Christopher410. He's our event coordinator.
σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): And dj and host. (He) put part of (his) tips in there as well.

Wesley Regenbogen: Cool. It's nice to see that so many people are donating for the Relay For Life events. I wish you all the best for your events and also wish you luck with your health and hopefully you will get better soon.
  σpє Đяєαмѕcape (hope4ever43): Thank you very much.
Kammie (kamaniya): Thank you (smile).

 Wesley Regenbogen

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