Friday, August 29, 2014

Interview With a Wrestler: Crazysam Sorrowsong

Due to questions about the accuracy of the information of the person interviewed, this article has been taken down until further notice.


  1. I am curious....Have you got a date of when this fed opened? Some pictures of this fed? Also what system was you using? Because I have been in SL wrestling for around this time, and I have never heard of this fed, the wrestler in question and the wrestlers he has listed.

    From my knowledge, at the start of SL wrestling there was SLWWF, which never materialized, then SLCW, a fed that honestly started current SL wrestling.

  2. Agreed. I've been with SLCW/DCWF since early 2008, trained by Alpin Criss himself, and I've never heard of WCW (in SL, anyway), or any of the people in this article. Citations requested, please.

  3. I've been around the block a time or to, and i never heard of an slwcw, i think your a bigger mark then anything else, it's laughibale 31 time wcw champion, that smells an ranks of bs right there. i request research be done and citations are applied

  4. I'm sorry but who the hell is this guy? Using WCW's logo? I guess he wants a lawsuit, which I'd be more than happy to make happen. This guy is a joke, SLCW was the first fed, not this "WCW"....the newser needs to check its sources before publishing garbage like this.

  5. this guy is a Joke. his story is untrue. Moment I started SL i joined SL wrestling in VCW by the time there was only 1 other fed and that was SLCW ( DCWF now ) and i've NEVER heard of an SL WCW. this guy is all lies.
    i've never even heard of this guy xD REPORT& BAN & DELETE! >:- o