Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Fleet Galactic: Adventures of the USS Ironhorse

By Foxythejamie

"Star Trek" roleplay is not new to Second Life. In fact one of the first roleplay groups here was in fact a Trek group. However different groups have different ways of roleplaying, and that is not just one of the unique things about the Star Fleet Galactic, or SFG. From a dedicated group, to multiple bridges, and multiple captains. This group is one for the history books.

SFG is the child of the ingenious thinking of a man named Steve Atlanta. He alone builds bridges, and even worlds for his group. He himself is one of the two Admirals of the group. The other Admiral being Kitty. Together, these two have helped this small group thrive, and grow into what it is today...A multi bridged, multi crewed rp group, with a passion for having fun.

To whoever said you can't make a parcel roleplay work well, you need to come here, because not only do they have a parcel, they also have over 80 different, unique planets, all built by Steve himself. SFG is literally a small roleplay that can do, has done, and will do great things.

Another aspect that makes this group one of the best, is the sheer will of the roleplayers. The players, are given an outline of what the mission is, however they are free to choose what happens during the roleplay, whether it's the ship being boarded, or them boarding an enemy ship, you never know what way the RP will go, which adds to the suspense.

All in all, this is truly worth looking at, if you want a star trek roleplay that allows you to be who you are.

Images from Steve Atlanta


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