Thursday, July 2, 2015

Roleplay Etiquette

By Syndra

Dear Bunnies,

   Normally I am your fashionista expert, although now I am feeling the need to write about something near and dear to my heart. As we all know, Secondlife is full of amazing sims and Roleplay opportunities. I personally love Roleplay, especially that of the Gorean variety.

Now, we all have had the experience I am sure of as soon as you land on a sim, someone harping in your IMs about this rule or that rule and that is an immediate turnoff. However, what is more of a turnoff is if it is something minor that really doesn't matter in the instance.

Now, we all know that it is frowned upon to teleport into active roleplay; but we also know that we all do it and we all teleport people in for whatever reason suits us at the time. A simple (incoming) or (im tping someone in) in OOC brackets usually suffice.

Now personally I avoid doing this in a large crowd but if it is myself and one other person, it does not matter. Especially if we are the only two people on the entire sim. Yes, that happens; sometimes sims are empty but you and one other person can enjoy roleplay together.
This morning a very close friend of mine teleported me in to roleplay with him. He and one other person were on the entire sim. She just happened to be a slave character in roleplay with him and he wanted me to join in the 'breakfast scene' so in he brought me.

Instead of just going with it, and mind you; I posted a proper entrance to explain my sudden appearance:
 Syndra steps out of the shadows and looks to Saxon. "I could have killed you and you would not have even seen me." She glances to the girl before settling into a seat. "You rang Saxon?"

The girl involved immediately began to jump into my ims in a most unsavory fashion. For those of you who don't know, this is an immediate turn off and honestly looks bad on you as a person and the sim as a whole.

If a serious rule is broken, that is one thing. And even then it should be a mod or the sim owner in another player's private messages. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry with a complaint about a situation that is acceptable to ninety nine percent of players. Come on now....really? You have nothing better to do than to harp on for twenty minutes about such a small thing as me being telported into a roleplay by the main character because he wanted me there?

And after I asked her if it was truly that big of a deal she rolled her eyes at me. Well...all I have to say is, with players like that no wonder some sims die.

The moral of all of this is, can we not all just play together and get along. Leave the little things alone and stop trying to be the center of attention all of the time. Secondlife is a wonderful place. Let's play, and the more the merrier.

-Love Syn


  1. This person will never understand about TP'ing into a rp situation. She could have asked ahead where she was being tp'd to and arrived at the docks. The docks are a stones throw from where she magically "Star Trekked" in. I am really discouraged by people like this who do not care about others on a sim. They just barge there asses right in there and then argue about inane things when they know they are wrong, rude, and have no social graces whatsoever. These ignorant types will be the death of Gor.

    1. Some people just look at situations like that to prove that they never make mistakes. Anonymous, I know who you are. A kajira, who like to teach the Free...... Who likes to show how superior she is. Don't you think you should change and become a Free.

    2. Agree with you. And we all know who this kajira is. Won't say names but she has a reputation on Gor as mouthy, rude, dishonest, a trouble maker, sim destroyer. She's been banned from many sims and I have personally banned her from mine. Kajira should know their place. They DO NOT teach FREE at all. Under any circumstance. If she were mine, I would cut her throat and feed her to the sleen. Worthless piece of slave flesh. Your owner should be ashamed and any sim that has you their should be ashamed. You have cause more problems than you are worth.

    3. Her name is Teal Razor. Teal Razor and owner of a useless Gorean Newspaper. Teal Razor who needs to keep her mouth shut and leave people alone. Teal Razor who needs to leave Gor because no one likes her. Teal Razor.

    4. Think the is. Everyone does it. Its fine. If its a busy/packed sim then ask. Usually its ok. If the sim owner or mod said something sure I guess. Random person. Nah das rude. Ppl like that chick should mind dey business. An what I understand is that she wasn't even part of it. Syn mamma I got ur back. Rude Kajira bad for sim.


    6. Hi Syn. Im one of your readers and love your tips and advice. I play in Gorean Land too. You are right, Teal is wrong. Teal is always wrong and we all know it. Teal stop trying to cause drama. You were probably rude like you have been to me and lots of others. Act your role or don't play. Stop being rude to people private messages or not.

  2. Goreans will be the death of Gor. Get on with it.

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