Thursday, June 28, 2018

Interview with SLB Exhibitor Kimble

By Deaflegacy

Kimble (kimblecoles)

I met Kimble (kimblecoles) and her partner, Disgo Coles (disgo) at a nice lot. The first question is about Kimble working with emergencies and catastrophes on global scale. “Yeah, well, my real-life job is in climate change. And so I made my Sec exhibit around that. ” replied Kimble, “It's generated some heated debates!” I wanted to know if Kimble knew why her exhibit generated heat debates. “And yeah, well, my exhibit lays out the facts, the evidence. And I have a poll running there about whether people think it's all a hoax or not,“ Kimble answered, “Some of the visitors, well, they got into arguments and they get quite passionate. It's a touchy subject for the USA's people it seems. Not so much the rest of the world.” Kimble continued on to say that it was her intention to make people think. So I think I go that!” Kimble She grinned. I told her that it's a good intention.

After I asked her how long she has been working in the field Kimble replied, “Well, I'm a programmer, and have been in the topic for a while. But last year I started with some big data analysis and it really fired my passion for it. And scared me, too.”  Kimble added, saying that the next generation is in big trouble.

“Second Life has been so special for me personally. I have some real-life history. And so this have been a way of giving back to SL,” said Kimble, “I think it's fair to say SL has been a huge factor in getting my real-life life back together.”

We started talking about the Second Life Birthday. For her, it was scary and exhilarating. We then changed the subject to Second Life. “Would you say that you have learned a lot about being on SL?” I asked. Kimble's response was, “Flip, yeah... in so many ways. I mean... there's the tech side.. building scriptings, etc. but there is the personal side... It's been a place to learn about myself, about other people. And I've met so many people who like me, have found SL a place to do the same.”

I asked Kimble  if it is a good thing to learn about herself, about other people. She replied, “Well, I was caught in an abusive relationship in real-life. So yes! I vowed to learn about myself and others so that this did not happen again. I wanted to understand how people can be caught up, and can find control again.

The next question is if Kimble would say that she's doing good. “Yeah, sheesh, you should have seen me a year ago. I was a mixed up mess," said Kimble, "And although a few deeply trusted friends, and with Dis here, I've rebuilt thing. I have to say though, my early years in SL were a mess. Because I've made a lot of bad choices. But trusted friends... makes all the difference. And Dis here, she's my reference!” Disgo, whom was still close by listening,  smiled.

“I think the biggest way I've learned is through challenges,” said Kimble, “I call it jumping off a cliff. Gee, my friend in SL, throws me over cliffs, like, “Hey exhibit at the spring art faire.” And the latest we're making a two person theater production. IT's all challenges that stretch me, and teach me about what I can do, and be. All it takes is an attitude of, … “I can try, I can learn” or “I can be scared and do nothing.”

I asked Kimble  how long she think she's going to keep doing this, the challenges and helping people out.She  replied, “I don't see a reason to stop. I guess if I run out of challenges. But for now, I see no end. The theater will be a long term growth. I like helping people, and with my real-life history, I keep finding people with similar of much much worse experiences, who simply want someone to listen. Scripting is a desire, because I program in real-life (I'm a nerd), and I”d like to do more arts. Exhibits are fun. Hey, the opportunities go on. But I do try and do it on the cheap. I've not much funds to put into it. So that places some constraints.”

I told Kimble that I think she's doing a good job so far from the sound of it. I asked her what she thinks. “Hmmm ... well .... two answers I guess," she replied, "I know that I am a far more whole person than I was after my real-life experience. And I put a lot of that down to my close friends here. So I think personally I'm doing well. For more measurable things, I've made art, and it sells, so that's good. I'd not built before, and my exhibit has had great positive feedback, so that's good. and I have wonderful people who love me, so that's good. and the theater, wow, I'm excited about that. “So I think I'd doing good. I'm loving it basically!”

Kimble makes her own version of fractal arts where she brings in some real image component with the fractal image. That's what Kimble exhibited at the Spring Faire. Kimble's big hunt gift at the SLB exhibit is one of her arts piece, "Yeah, I make my own version of fractal art where I bring in some real image component with the fractal image. That's what I exhibited at the Spring Faire. And my big hunt gift at the SLB exhibit is one of my art pieces."

Before I left, Kimble gave me one of her big hunt gift. I thanked her before I left. The interview was fantastic. We could learn a lot from Kimble about what's happening in the world when it comes to weather.

Kimble's exhibit at the Second Life Birthday, "Dystopia or Utopia," is located at SL15B Electrify (137/236/23).


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