Monday, June 3, 2019

Interview with Cyfir

By Deaflegacy

When I heard that SL Newser had gotten another new reporter, I was excited.  I was curious to see who the new reporter is.  The new reporter is Cyfir (cyfiremmerich).  I had the chance to give him an interview for the SL Newser's upcoming anniversary.

When I met with Cyfir, my first question was, “Could you tell me something about yourself?”  He responded, “ I feel like I'm actually pretty boring. I just try to help out and stay busy. In addition to writing, I have many interests including technology, the paranormal, extreme weather, and video games.”

I moved on to the next question: How long was Cyfir planning to write for the Newser? He answered, “I plan to continue to write for the Second Life Newser as long as I can. I just started a new job as a manager for a retail company, so that might eat away at my free time ... If I can't do it once a week like I am, I would still like to continue as a regular guest.”

I was wondering who or what is Cyfir's inspiration for writing. He responded, “I believe that it started back when I was first getting online back in 2001. I used to keep a personal blog because all the people I would talk to online did. I used to be a part of Wil Wheaton's community and was writing for Chris Pirillo before I was even in the furry community or on Second Life. I continued to write through my college years but then dropped off after about ten years or so because I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I needed to focus on things that would make me money at the time. However, I just recently took it up again because I feel like it's a good way to give back to this community.  I also helped a friend move his furry community back in to Second Life by allowing him to build on my parcel.”

I asked Cyfir if Cyfir is a part of the furry community now.  “I'm currently a bit distant," he answered, "but I'm still involved from that distance. I create bumpers and gestures that are mostly furry related. Most of my friends are furries. It's not like back in the day when I was deep in to staffing for a furry convention or co-owning a Second Life sim that catered to furries. I've sort of learned recently to give from a distance and not get too involved to the point where I get caught up in any drama, because unfortunately that's part of any community. I'm happy to stick to my friends and support the good facets of the community however I can.  I also helped a friend move his furry community back in to Second Life by allowing him to build on my parcel.”

“I've been using Second Life regularly for nearly eight years," Cyfir went on, "and it's a bit difficult for me to figure out what else to do with my free time. It's a bit of an addiction and I'm aware of it. When you're with friends or doing something that makes a difference and helps others Second Life is great. The only issue I've had with Second Life in the past is that many community and sim owners tend to fall in to the trap of being an authority figure and famous first and foremost and they end up treating others not so well. That obviously doesn't help anyone and puts a bad taste in my mouth. It should never be about you. It should be about how you can give back. I've honestly been disheartened recently over an issue involving that situation and thought about leaving. But I'm too invested and I don't want to leave my boyfriend alone on here. (chuckle)."

I took some pictures of Cyfir before going on my way.  I'm glad that I have a chance to interview the new reporter for the SL Newser.  Once again, welcome to the Newser team, Cyfir.


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