Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Interview With Dara Quinn, Miss SL 2019

By Marcel Mosswood

On June 1 2019, Miss Indonesia Dara Quinn was named Miss SL 2019. In the grand finale, Dara Quinn looks very simply elegant. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to explore more about Miss SL contest in my interview with Dara Quinn.

Dara Quinn
Marcel Mosswood: How did you found out about the Miss SL 2019 pageant?

Dara Quinn: I heard about Miss SL contest from Facebook and one of my friend from Indonesia who took part in the Mr. SL contest invited me to take part in the contest too. So I decided to give it a try.

Marcel Mosswood: After registering how did you feel with all the preparations that you do? Like buying a dress, choosing accessories, shoes, etc., how did you feel?

Dara Quinn: Choose clothes, dresses, shoes, etc. is my favorite part and of course, it is fun!

Marcel Mosswood: Did you shop alone, or were there friends who accompany you during the processes?

Dara Quinn: So far I have been shopping alone, my friend only helped with advice about what clothes or the accessories that match?

Marcel Mosswood: How many challenges of the audition were there in Miss SL 2019? Which challenge do you think is the most challenging? And why is it the most challenging?

Dara Quinn: There were many challenges during the audition. In addition to fashion shows, photo challenges, press presentations, and the grand finale. In my opinion, all of that is a challenge, because we are trained to be creative with all the abilities we have. The most challenging is the Grand Finale for National Costume when most candidates were busy looking for creators to create their costume, I was busy making kebaya (Indonesia national costume) at a price of 10L and combining with the items I have in the inventory to make it perfect!

Marcel Mosswood: In all challenges of the audition, which challenge that made you confident you will win?

Dara Quinn: Sometimes fashion that we think is perfect is not necessarily good in the eyes of the judges, and who determines us to win or lose are the judges. So during the challenge, I did my best according to the theme given. But Neo Japan is my favorite challenge.

Marcel Mosswood: I see that there is a similarity between your avatar and your appearance in real life, does your avatar specially made to be like you?

Dara Quinn: Haha really? I didn't even realize that. I didn't create my avatar look like me, I made the shapes and I really like my avatar shape because it matches various skins.

Marcel Mosswood: As Miss SL 2019, you have become a role model for every woman in Second Life who wants to look beautiful and smart. Are there special messages from you for women in Second Life who want to look beautiful, smart, and cultured like you?

Dara Quinn: First of all, I want to thank you for Miss SL Organization, all the judges, the team and all those who have chosen me as Miss SL 2019. As women in Second Life and Real Life, they have good souls, their own beauty and uniqueness. So be yourself, believe in yourself, be humble, be creative and don't forget to be happy.

Marcel Mosswood: I’m sure the processes to be Miss SL 2019 is hard on the time, cost, and all the preparations. Moreover, you are in Indonesia which has a very different timezone with Second Life, also with different languages. It will be a hard and emotional burden. Are there friends who accompany you during this process so that you can lighten your emotional burden?

Dara Quinn: Actually, I really like this contest and it is not a burden to complain at all. I believe that something we like and want to achieve is never easy! So I really enjoy every process. Besides that, there were lots of friends who helped me through the process of becoming Miss SL. I thank Djohar as Mr. SL Indonesia as well as my translator, he is always there for me from the beginning to the end. For Novi, Aldi, Bee, Xenric, Hamdi, Billy, Arini, Jes and many more... I would like to thank those who always support me, encourage me. I love them.

Marcel Mosswood: Thank you, Dara Quinn, for the interview. I wish you are always successful in all you do!

Marcel Mosswood

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