Tuesday, June 18, 2019

RFL: MamaP's "Poo Chat"

By Bixyl Shuftan

One of the fun things about the Relay for Life Volunteers group is the chatter. It's fun, lighthearted, and sometimes you get comedy gold. Stingray Raymaker's been the subject of it twice with his "pink pantyhose challenge" in 2011, and his "pinky dinky" avatar challenge in 2015. But recently, MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum), found herself the center of a storm of chuckles thanks to a typo.

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[18:33] Selene (selene Jashan): Group Notice Sent by: selene Jashan
5 Days of Relay
Kudos to Head Hunters for such a successful Jail & Bid today at 5 Days of Relay .   For this Jail and bid they raised 164250 total tonight!!   Right now just the Rally has raised 509538.   This Community is totally committed to kicking cancers ass!!!

WTG MC Community!!!
[18:34] V I X X Y (Vixxy Shackleton): Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
[18:34] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): Way to gooopooo, That is amazing!!
[18:34] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): gooopooo?????
[18:34] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): HAHAHAH
[18:34] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): GOOOOOOOOO
[18:34] Dianna Wycliffe: LMAO Mama!!
[18:34] Selene (selene Jashan): LOL
[18:35] Dianna Wycliffe: I love your typo's
[18:35] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): as Vixxy knows, I am old HAHAHAH
[18:35] Selene (selene Jashan): and for those that dont know Mama is one of those drivers that has rage issues LOL
[18:35] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): I do!
[18:35] V I X X Y (Vixxy Shackleton): HAHAHAHA Mama
[18:35] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): guilty!
[18:35] Trager Alter: welcome to my world - lol
[18:35] Aryon Dagger: OMG!!! Mama!!!
[18:36] Random Darrow (Random Padar): LOL Trager
[18:36] Nikki Mathieson: hahahahaha  I get back just in time to read mama's HILARIOUS typo
[18:36] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): too funny!
[18:37] Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash): wahts wrogn wiht mamas typign?
[18:37] Bixyl Shuftan chuckles
[18:37] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): [18:34] MamaP Alter: Way to gooopooo, That is amazing!!
[18:37] Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash): and nikki JUST Got back after it?
[18:37] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): go poo????
[18:38] Nikki Mathieson: perfect timing...  I mean...
[18:38] Melina Firehawk: Sounds like someone had a brown out
[18:38] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): MamaP Beacon Teaches Typing
[18:38] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): focus on the amazing part, over 150,000L raised at a Jail and Bid today, at Relay Goes MC, lots of people in jail!
[18:38] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): ok.. who gave Mama xlax
[18:38] Melina Firehawk: CODE BROWN!!!
[18:38] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): OMG Lizzy!
[18:38] Selene (selene Jashan): <-----gets a="" big="" br="" ol="" out="" pen="" red="">[18:38] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): LMAO Selene!
[18:38] Trager Alter: props to our 5 day lead , selene, and her team for unifying the MC community - they are closing in on $6,000 as a community and still 3 more days to go
[18:38] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): well  narcan won't fix that
[18:39] Melina Firehawk: Let's hope that was a Baby Ruth
[18:39] Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash): damn too bad we dont have you on at midnight this year
[18:39] Aryon Dagger shuffles off
[18:39] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): it is amazing hoe we all love a good poo joke
[18:39] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): I bet you Mama's face is brighter than tomato red
[18:39] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): Hey Aryon
[18:39] Selene (selene Jashan): "how" LOL
[18:39] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): It is amazing what?
[18:39] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): OMG now I did hoe for how HAHAHAHAH
[18:39] Nikki Mathieson: who you callin a hoe
[18:40] Nikki Mathieson: you might need to rest
[18:40] Melina Firehawk: I used to work at an outdoor pool.  We had other ways of saying poop in the pool!
[18:40] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): I am going to stop typing, LOL
[18:40] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): Yep. Confirmed: MamaP Beacon Teaches Typing will be released this summer
[18:40] Selene (selene Jashan): waves the red pen and grins LOL
[18:40] Nikki Mathieson: LMAO
[18:40] Bixyl Shuftan: garden equipment now? :-)
[18:40] Random Darrow (Random Padar): Melina lol
[18:40] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): That should be an even bigger hit than Beavis Macon Teaches Typing
[18:40] Melina Firehawk: I kid you not, Random!  My boss learned it at a convention for pool managers
[18:40] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): I ain't scared of no PoPo. Call the PoPo hoe. CALL THE POPO HOE!
[18:40] Selene (selene Jashan): Ok Nikki here ya go,  you get the honor next typo LOL
[18:40] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): madonna HAHAH
[18:41] Melina Firehawk: We should probably be careful or she'll give us the royal flush :-P
[18:41] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): ok Nikki you need to take control here
[18:41] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): change the subject HAHAH
[18:41] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): hugs mama
[18:41] Nikki Mathieson: hahaha I think you're doing GREAT
[18:41] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): HUGS!
[18:41] Aryon Dagger: Well on the same theme ... Trump is in England
[18:41] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): and stop the entertainment?
[18:41] Melina Firehawk: Don't you just love toilet humor?
[18:42] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): so what about those sims!!
[18:42] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): have you ever read the tweets the Scotish made about Trump
[18:42] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): oh my god
[18:42] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): are they looking amazing or what??
[18:42] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): In the shire here is no p in the ool
[18:42] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena) sees the toilet talk, starts polishing up her gasmask
[18:42] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): I think discussing Mama's typing skills is a safer topic.. BARELY.
[18:43] MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum): LOL
[18:43] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): well  youd thin as lon as we been here
[18:43] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): we shoud know typonese
[18:43] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): Yes, but, the two that Mama graced us with in the last few minutes are just priceless
[18:44] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): lol true  true
[18:45] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): Mama is priceless
[18:45] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): Yes she is. Even more priceless than her typos
[18:45] Melina Firehawk: Gotta love it when something happens and the chat runs rampant with puns
[18:45] Melina Firehawk: The longest I've seen it happen is actually about 2 hours
[18:46] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident) sets a tray of tortilla chips and guacamole  and avocado verde dips
[18:46] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): Holy Cow.. the MC 5 Day Jail and Bail just raised 162, 149
[18:46] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): woooooooooo
[18:46] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): Yay
[18:48] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): question
[18:48] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): why do mice hate water?
[18:50] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): warning - those typos are contagious
[18:55] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): lizzy - why do mice hate water??
[18:56] Xyza Armistice: they cant swim ?
[18:56] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): maybe she's asking b/c she doesn't know??!
[18:56] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): poor little mices
[18:56] Xyza Armistice: lol
[18:56] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): cat fish
[18:57] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): sorry  i got destracted
[18:57] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): cat fish hate water?   or hate mice?
[18:57] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): it's Catfish... mice hate water because of catfish
[18:57] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): okk
[18:58] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): i know
[18:58] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): it wson an exterminator's commercial here
[18:58] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): (I don't get it)
[18:58] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): *was on
[18:58] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): that's worse than a dad joke
[18:59] Eclair (Eclair Martinek): hahahahahhaahhaha
[18:59] Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[18:59] Xyza Armistice: rofl
[19:00] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): and trust me
[19:00] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): my dad can tell some groaners
[19:00] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): lol
[19:00] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): LOL
[19:00] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): I can never remember the joke.
[19:00] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): I can remember the punchline.
[19:00] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): I remember seeing a joke Larry Dixon tweeted
[19:01] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): and the first thing I thought was... omg my dad would tell that joke....
[19:01] Melina Firehawk: I still have some of the jokes my dad shared with me
[19:02] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): So I tweeted back that... and he said he's been telling 'dad jokes' since he was 10 and that he has a set of values and refuses to rise above them
[19:03] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): I think some men just love telling groners
[19:06] Bixyl Shuftan: Well, once men's wives have kids, they have to watch it with the dirty jokes. But there's always groaners.
[19:06] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): yup
[19:08] ? LIL LIZZY-ROO KRADITZIO ? (KumaguroBunnyBear Resident): when my step mom's friend and her husband would go on road trips with us, my dad and him would be in the front seat  acting out  Monty Python and Strange Brew.

*  *  *  *  *

After that, things finally began to settle down, more or less. There would be more wisecracks over the rest of the Relay season. But the "Poo Chat" stood out as one of the longer lasting chuckles this year.

Bixyl Shuftan

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