Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lyle Lindman and his Mythology Class

By Grease Coakes

Lyle Lindman a long time avatar of Second Life every Mondays and Tuesdays at 4pm SLT tells stories from Greek mythology. It’s neat to hear stories told in voice chat in Second life or also in real life. Sometimes you can hear a storytelling in real life, but here in second life it’s as close as your computer.

I asked Lyle why he tells stories in Second Life? He answered that he enjoys reading the stories as they connect to issues in real life as well as language and words we use today. With his German accent he tells the story in voice chat.

The day I wrote the article he spoke stories about Apollo and Oracles. The main theme was about kings and others who asked to have their fortunes told. For example the king of Persia asked an oracle will he destroy an empire in his exposition. The answer he got back was when he crossed a river he will destroy an empire. When he crossed a river, he ended up destroying his own empire.

A story he told about Apollo who is the god of the sun was his son Eros AKA cupid got upset and shot Apollo in the heart. There was a mortal woman named Daphne who enjoyed hunting and praising the gods and goddesses especially Gaea (which translates into Mother Earth). Apollo when he was shot by Eros fell in love with the mortal woman Daphne. Apollo pursued the woman, but she had no interest in men so she ran from Apollo. Eventfully Apollo did catch up with her and caught her in a loving embrace. Daphne resisted Apollo and prayed to Gaea, and to save Daphne Gaea changed her into a tree. Apollo was angry and snapped off a branch from the tree. And from then on, the laurel branch was sacred as Apollo is always seen with a laurel branch in his golden hair.

Another story about Apollo told of a satyr, a half man half goat creature, of the woods. His name was Marsyas and he boasted no one could beat him in his skill as a double flute player. Apollo was angry about this and challenged him to a musical duel. Whoever won may inflict any bodily harm on the loser. Apollo and Marsyas were equally skilled musically, but Apollo defeated him by playing his lyre upside down. Marsyas could not play his double flute upside down and thereby lost the challenge. Apollo flayed Marsyas alive and took his skin and nailed it to a pine tree. The tears of the woodland creatures crying in sorrow filled the river Marsyas. This story teaches not to be prideful or else your own pride will destroy you.

In addition to the storytelling at his amphitheater there’s also a pond area for meditation and relaxation close by. I sat on one of the rocks relaxed as I wrote this article.

I commented that Lyle seemed to know a lot about Greek myths. He responded modestly and said,  "Wow, I am not really an expert. (smile)." I told him he seemed to know more than most people. He took credit by saying this, "Most of it can be found in a book by EM Berens, it is called myths and legends. I chose some parts I thought to be interesting and read stories from other books. (smile)"

Greek stories like any other set of stories from any culture are written for entertainment as well to teach life lessons. Lyle said he wanted to contribute to SL among the many other things you can find in Second Life. When I heard him in voice chat he did a great job telling the story in voice and leading a discussion afterwards. If you’re not in the mood for club hopping and instead want to relax and hear a tale stop by Lyle’s amphitheater and stay for a spell.

Lyle’s amphitheater is at

Grease Coakes

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  1. Awww, thank you Grease. The article is wonderful.
    Due to lots of things and my job in RL, I have postponed the mythology class for a bit. Hopefully resuming it the 1st of July.

    Yours Lyle